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Vanuatu’s Big Islands

The nation of Vanuatu consists of a chain of islands located north and east of New Caledonia.  Many of the islands in the archipelago are home to active volcanoes, and the official languages of English and French in addition to Bislama are testament to the history of joint administration of the islands by England and France, prior to independence in 1980.  This destination explores several of Vanuatu’s largest islands which include Espiritu Santo and Malekula which are the two largest, and Ambrym on which are located the active volcanic craters of Mt. Marum and Mt. Benbow.

Espiritu Santo is the largest of Vanuatu’s islands and home to many of its stunning white sand beach beauties.  While there are some roads on the island, much of the landmass is blanketed in thick, nearly impenetrable tropical jungle.  There are many caves on the island, of which Millennium Cave is one of the most visited and thrilling to explore.  Some would say that Espiritu Santo’s star attraction is the simply sensational glittering arc of soft white sand at Champagne beach, which curves gently around a breathtaking aqua blue bay and is set against verdant cliffs which rise dramatically to provide a stunning green contrast against deep blue skies.   A few miles north of the island’s capital Luganville which is also Vanuatu’s second largest town lies the stunning blue hole of Matavelu which showcases a radiant natural ink blue pool, a kayaking paradise.  South of Santo, Malekula and Ambrym are blessed with lovely golden beaches and imposing volcanic vistas.

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