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Tasmania’s East Coast Bays and Beaches

Land of the orange lichen!  You might need to rub your eyes a couple of times to convince yourself that you haven’t somehow been transported into a life-size coloring book.  With fire-orange granite boulders tumbling down to scintillating white sandy beaches lapped by the mesmerizing aqua blue of the Pacific, the Bay of Fires presents quite literally a completely different side of Tasmania that simply underscores how varied and diverse the landscapes of this amazing island are.   Not to be outdone, the Freycinet Peninsula to the south is a Destination in itself.  Featuring sparkling arcs of powder soft sand and sheltered bays which are havens for kayakers, whether seen from sea or perched up high on one of scores of vantage points that look down over it, the Freycinet Peninsula is a total Tasmanian icon and one of its best-loved favorites.

Mile after untrammeled mile of glorious, gorgeous and unspoilt beaches line the Bay of Fires area which stretch north from Binalong Bay for around thirty odd miles.  Protected as The Bay of Fires Conservation Area, often the only footsteps in the sand you see… may be your own!  Stretching down the Freycinet Peninsula, Freycinet National Park is a natural wonderland of coruscating beaches, dramatic headlands, and serene bays perfect for exploring by kayak.  Of course everyone wants to head to Wineglass Bay, one of Australia’s most striking visual spectacles and a poster child for Tasmania’s natural delights.  But the entire peninsula is replete with stunning vistas every which way you look.

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