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Sydney and New South Wales

Australia’s most populous city requires no introduction, and Sydney Harbour is one of the world’s most famous – as are its icons “The Coathanger”, a much-loved moniker for the Harbour Bridge, and the unparalleled aesthetic of the Opera House which enjoys pride of place on the World Heritage register.   Also featured in this Destination are the Blue Mountains and the Jervis Bay area, both stunning highlights of New South Wales, and Australia’s capital Canberra, home to world-class museums and outstanding public art.

Rising to the west of the greater Sydney conurbation, The Blue Mountains present a striking smorgasbord of escarpments, waterfalls and gorges with unparalleled vistas every which way you look.  Hiking trails crisscross this special region and provide access to the seemingly impenetrable denseness which is protected as National Park and is also inscribed on the World Heritage register, listed as the Greater Blue Mountains Area.  There is no more quintessential view than that of the Three Sisters, seen from the Echo Point lookout in Katoomba, driving to which takes less than a couple of hours from the Sydney CBD.  Driving south out of Sydney brings us to Jervis Bay and its blinding white-sand beaches of which Hyams beach is oft touted as having the world’s whitest sand.  Regardless of whether such a metric can be quantified, Jervis Bay’s beaches are for sure dazzling in every respect.  Drive west for a few hours and the sights and sounds of Australia’s cosmopolitan Canberra await exploration and discovery.

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