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Solemn serenity on the Solomon Islands

The importance of serenity on the Solomons cannot be overstated.  Six primary islands and hundreds of lesser ones comprise the nation of Solomon Islands, stretching between Bougainville Island in Papua New Guinea to the northwest, and Vanuatu’s largest island of Espiritu Santo to the southeast.  The tranquility has been hard-won.  The Solomons were the site of intense battles during World War II, of which the Battle of Guadalcanal is one of the most well-known.  Then after independence came a period of instability which was ultimately resolved and since then peace has reigned over the nations many archipelagoes.

The scattered islands of the Solomons take a little bit of work to get around.  Most of the islands are covered by thick, nearly impenetrable tropical rainforest, and flying between the islands is done using small planes which land on grass strips.  It’s certainly an experience, but the system is quite well-organized and with a little patience you can get from A to B.  This Destination features the island of Guadalcanal on which is located the country’s capital of Honiara, while a few miles offshore to the northwest lies Savo Island, a rugged fairly round island with stunning coastal views set against a lush tropical interior.  Savo was also the site of major World War II action.  Northwest of Guadalcanal lies the large island of New Georgia and satellite islands.  Located off the northern coast of New Georgia is the world famous Marovo Lagoon and its sensational visions of a quintessential tropical paradise, while its healthy reefs are home to a profusion of coral and sea life.

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