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Nouvelle-Calédonie — Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia

The incomparable islands and satellite islets of New Caledonia are a tropical Eden like no other … scintillating sandy beaches soft and sweet as powdered sugar, dramatic vistas lining a rugged indented coastline, sensational islands orbiting a hulking grand “mainland’ – Grande Terre, and a resplendent lagoon which will make you dream in shades of blue and green you never even knew existed.

This Destination explores the îles Loyauté (Loyalty Islands) which comprise of three main islands — Lifou, Maré and Ouvéa — lying northeast of Grande Terre and running generally parallel to it, in addition to numerous other islands and islets, many of which are uninhabited.  Ouvéa is a vision like no other.  On a map, its shape appears almost improbable — a hammerhead like strip of land on one side of which extends a massive lagoon along which run seemingly unending beaches along nearly the entire length of the island.  The bridge over the lagoon, Pont de Mouli, connects the smaller island of Mouli with the remainder of Ouvéa.  It’s one of the Pacific’s most picturesque views, with the mesmerizing aqua shades of Ouvéa’s lagoon on one side and the tantalizing teal-turquoise of Baie de Lékiny on the other.  And more often than not, you’ll see younger denizens indulging in a favorite pastime of plunging from the bridge into the cool inviting waters below. Lifou and Maré islands to the southeast of Ouvéa are larger and densely forested, with dramatic clifftop views and a plethora of flour soft beaches to sink your toes into.

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