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Melbourne and the great Victorian traverse

Heading down the Australian continent we make our way across the state of Victoria and its largest city, Melbourne, long considered one of the world’s most livable, with world-class cultural attractions, a superlative waterfront, and no end to the ways its location allows the enjoyment of the glistening bays and inviting beaches within close proximity of the city proper.

This destination also features Grampians N.P. and Wilsons Promontory N,P., two of Victoria’s outstanding National Parks which lie on either side of Melbourne.  Just a few hours drive west of Melbourne, The Grampian Ranges are a wonderland of waterfalls and mountain vistas where opportunities for hiking and canoeing abound.  The city of Melbourne itself needs no introduction, and is Australia’s second most populous.  Set on the banks of the Yarra River, it is a congruous blend of modern and historic architecture amongst which are set numerous oases of green including the Alexandra, Queen Victoria and Royal Botanic Gardens, and the World Heritage inscribed Carlton Gardens.  Heading southeast out of Melbourne brings us to the southernmost tip of the Australian continent in the unmissable Wilsons Promontory National Park, which is a coastal paradise of granite outcroppings, rainforest shrouded mountains, coruscating turquoise bays and glistening beaches of which Squeaky Beach is the most well-known, named for its fine quartz sand which squeaks underfoot when walked on.

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