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Australia’s Far West

 We start our West to East journey in the World Heritage listed Shark Bay area which also contains the westernmost point on the Australian continent. These 24 images of our first Destination showcase the picturesque coast of Australia’s largest state of Western Australia and includes Shark Bay, the Ningaloo Coast – also World Heritage listed, the supernatural pinnacles of Nambung National Park, and the monastic town of New Norcia, the only one of its kind in Australia. 

World Heritage listing was awarded to Shark Bay in recognition of its exceptional natural features. Shark Bay’s sea grass beds are the world’s largest and richest. Starkly contrasting hues of rippling red dunes falling down to white beaches set against a cobalt bay framed by an azure sky against makes for sensational vistas. Heading north out of Shark Bay brings us to the Ningaloo Coast where the Indian Ocean’s emerald waters lap this World Heritage Area. Heading south will take us to Nambung National Park where weathering and erosion has sculpted limestone into fantastical forms and shapes, among which the interplay of light and shadows creates a surreal experience. Making our way a little further inland, we come upon the unexpected treasure that is New Norcia, founded in the mid-1800s by Spanish Benedictine monks. Its architectural gems include the Monastery, several Colleges, and a Museum. 

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