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To commemorate the 52nd observation of Earth Day, as we cautiously and expectantly emerge from veritable hibernation having being cocooned away from the rest of the Earth, stymied by more than two years of disruption from the Coronavirus, we pay homage to those around the world who have got us through the darkest days of the last 24 months – and continue to do so every day selflessly by risking their own lives simply so that they can save another’s. We must appreciate the Healthcare workers without whom so many more of us would not be here to tell the tale, and the brilliance of the Researchers and Scientists who worked tirelessly with unprecedented speed and acumen to develop a myriad of practical and effective vaccines. However, at the end of the day, we must recognize that each of us in every corner of the world has shown that collectively, as a species, the human race has, can, and will overcome. To them and us all, and in memory of those who have passed on, we dedicate this Composition – “Victoriam”, with the Sun, Stars and Spiral Galaxies rallying around our planet as we launch our syringe rockets to take out the red scourge, for which benediction the continents express our thanks in many languages.


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